The GROOVE baby!

You know, I’ve always felt there’s a secret to music… a kind of underlying framework that once one knows, it changes everything.

The more I learned to play complex tunes it all came down to this one thing, and it’s a clock. An internal clock.

What is that clock you ask? Well, it’s very simple once you start looking at it in a big picture way, start breaking it down and keep breaking it down!

The word is SUBDIVISION. That means you start slicing things up… you start with one thing, (a measure), and start dividing it up into halves, quarters, eighths and so on.

I can’t think of any better way to explain it than to show it to you.

My buddy Tim Pierce, (one of the most recorded guitar players on the planet), and I sat down to discuss this, and play a little bit to demonstrate it.

Check out this video and if you are so inspired, leave a comment below to throw in your 2 cents!

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